Title: Ipaasha
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

A playboy prince of a small country needs to win over a frivolous princess of a successful kingdom for the sake of his country. What he didn’t expect was his feelings for the princess’ timid maid. What will happen when the princess finds out about them? Will the prince forsake his country all for his forbidden love?


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Thank you so much for translating this, I love Ichinose Kaoru. Could you please translate taiyou mo wasure sasete too? I really want to read it but nobody has translated it.

Great, great manga! Totally loved it! Thank you so much! :)

I love this one-shot muchness, thank you~~~

I love this story! Thank you for releasing it :)

really love this one-shot! thank you for translating :)

Woah! Almost! I was just waiting for the pain to come but luckily it went away. :)

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