Hyakkiyakou Juliet


Hyakkiyakou Juliet
Title: Hyakkiyakou Juliet
Creator: Izumi Asuka
Length: Oneshot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Kayako is an enthusiastic exorcist from an isolated island who’s been newly-appointed to the big city. She has two familiar spirits (shikigami) that help her who help her cleanse impure spirits: Kagari and Kohaku. They are mighty spirits who have to take an alternate form among humans: Kagari, who takes a form of a pirate bird and Kohaku, who takes a form of a silver fox. She’s been determined to continue cleansing spirits as her dead brother has done in the past. But what happens when her faith is shaken and she learns that she doesn’t want to save evil spirits anymore?


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simply cute!

thanks for sharing!

Oh, this look awesome! Thank you~!

love it simply touching, funny and sweet!

Thanks for this oneshot..seems very interesting *^__^*


too much happiness! XD

WE LOVE AERANDRIA sooo much!!! 😀
thank you very much!

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