Hoshi ni Memai wo


Hoshi ni Memai wo
Title: Hoshi ni Memai wo (星に、眩暈を。)
Creator: Agasa Yuzuki
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

After the president of the Astronomy club graduated from high school, Shiose Kanako was appointed as the president. However, no one really takes her seriously, and most of the other female members are only interested in Azumi Seiya, a handsome and popular guy who’s also a member of the Astronomy club. Trying to gain more knowledge about Astronomy so that she could get more people interested in the club, Kanako goes to the rooftop one night, and she’s surprised to find…


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don’t know how i missed this, but i really love it! thank you 😀

(^ ^) i’am downloading this oneshot now :) from the comments above i’m sure this one is great 😀 thank you aerandria :>

It is such a cute oneshot and with beautiful art! xDDD I like oneshots like most guys posting comments here, so thank you very much! :)

thank you!

What a cute one shot! Thanks for scanlating it.

Short and sweet! I love one shots.

Thanks for this one. Oneshots are a great read for Monday mornings! (and I’m a sucker for dark rooftops)

Thank you very much!

Thank You for this one shot~ ♥

It was cute :3

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