Title: Hananusubito
English Title: The Flower Thief
Creator: Tsukuba Sakura
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Arima is a Flower Thief, or a marriage swindler; a person who’s goal is to make rich and lonely women fall in love with him so he can use them for their money. Even with his extraordinary good looks, he always seems to end up getting dumped because of his naive and clumsy personality. But one day he encounters a girl who is immune to his charms…


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Thanks for scanlating this ^^ *chuuu*

Thanks a lot for the release Aerandria.. ^^

Tsukuba Sakura bishies… <3

Thank you, Aerandria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks alot
i love this cute manga . . .

Thank guy guys for the releases !!! Happy new year!

Thanks for this one-shot. I loved the previous one-shot from Tsukaba! Thanks for introducing this mangaka to me!

ohhh such a cute story :))) Thx for the release

Thank you for this wonderful way to start the new year!

Really, I’m always so shocked that you guys have Tsukaba’s works hidden somewhere under your wings. But thank you for the releases, what a lovely way to start the New Years ; w;! Happy New Years Aerandria!

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