Hana to Himegimi to Akuma no Vivian


Title: Hana to Himegimi to Akuma no Vivian
Creator: Tsukioka Yasuko
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

A heartless devil named Vivian hates humans as they always try to betray him. When a seemingly innocent girl wanders into his forest in search of him again, he plays tricks on her and tries to make her give up. Is the girl’s innocent heart real, or is this is another ploy to betray Vivian?


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AWWWWWWWW >w< So adorable ^o^ Thank you so much for the hard work, oneshots like these are what keeps me going when I feel down :)

Thanks for this lovely one-shot! This mangaka’s artwork is gorgeous, and I always love the whole demon/human plot device (as long as it’s well done and not terribly clicheed). I thoroughly enjoyed it!

thanks so much for the lovely one shot guys!

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