Hachimitsu no Hana


Hachimitsu no Hana
Title: Hachimitsu no Hana (はちみつの花)
Creator: Kiuchi Tatsuya (木内 たつや)
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Hiatus
Genre: , , ,

The time is set during the Industrialization Age in Meiji. The main character Chitose works as a maid in Kuze, one of the most prestigious households of the time. One day, Lan, a nephew of the master came back from England to be his stepson. Eventually Lan and Chitose’s feelings begin to develop. What will happen with the secret affair the honey-hair Land and the maid Chitose?

Note: Chapter 1-2 joint with Serenus Dreamers.


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  • Volume 04 – Not yet released

Note: Only Volume 3 have been released in Japan so far. This series is considered tentatively Complete. What does that mean?

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kyaa~! Aerandria ROCKS! Please continue to translate more wonderful manga(s)~!!!!!! Thank you guys~!!!!! <333333333333333333 :mrgreen:

OMFG! This is so good! I can’t wait for the fourth volume! It’s so adorable! I just love it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😉

Love, love this manga. Lan is so beautiful looking. Chitose is a great female character. Many, many thanks to Aerandria staff for working hard and putting out this series. Thank you again for your hard work!! X100 😛

i love this manga…it is so sweet..thank you ^^


So good, so great, more please…can’t wait till Kiuchi Tatsuya puts out volume 4! Thanks again for a great job!

Whoo, Chitose got jealous! It’s the first time ever (if I’m not mistaken)~ x3 Thanks for the releases so far~ <3

Yay! it’s a new chapter! thanks for all the lovely hard work! <3

Love this manga! Thx for all the hard work to produce it!

hi, thanks a lot for the releases! the link v01 ch01 does not work.

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