Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso!


Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso!
Title: Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso! (御来訪学園へようこそ!)
Creator: Kakizaki Muku
Length: 9 volumes
Status: Complete
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Goraihou Academy — A world leading bourgeois school where mysterious creatures gather. In order to protect the academy, the members of the student council with attractive appearances and fickle personalities stand up to…?!

We meet Sakuragawa Shinya, Goraihouji Tadato, and Mashiba Naoki. Handsome and talented Shinya is more or less the main character. Together with Tadato, the president of the student council whose father also happens to be chairman of the board of directors for the school, and Naoki, who is always hitting on an uninterested Shinya, Shinya discovers the haunted secrets of Goraihou Gakuen.

Things begin to change when a dark creature is discovered hiding within the school. The trio go to investigate and find Gen-san. And from there on they solve mysteries and hauntings and other paranormal events within the school.

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  • Volume 05 Chapter 014 – In Translation
  • Volume 05 Chapter 015 – In Translation
  • Volume 05 Chapter 016 – In Translation

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I’m new. Even though i just read this manga, i love the simple way they’re use to tell the story. I really like this manga. Could you please countinued the translating? if i’m not mistaken it’s been 2 years since the last chapter released (ch 12). Please, I beg you. It’s hard to find a manga like this these days (even more in my country, Indonesia). Even I dont know you or meet you all, I really thank you to release the ch this far. It’s only a bit more everyone. Please don’t give up

I would even donate just to get a translator to work on this… *w*;;;

Hi… again… um… if there are any Aerandria translators listening out there… could you please consider translating this…? ;A; I’m at the end of my rope… I’ve been searching for over a year for people to help out and it always falls through. It’s been a couple years since this project has seen a release… please… I’m begging you, someone, anyone, on the Aerandria team… have mercy and translate this great project ;w;

Well, if you could suggest us groups that might be interested in translating this project, we’ll contact them and ask for a joint. T^T

try asking mangacow.com translators. They might be interested

Ah…I’m really happy that you still haven’t dropped this series yet! I really enjoy reading it!(^ω^)However…it’s been over a year since I last saw an update (613 days to be exact). (−_−#) I really hope the next chapter will be out soon!

I love this series the most!! Thanks to the team, and I hope to see more soon!! (*≧ω≦)ノ

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen an update I’ve been waiting a year and can’t find the next chapters anywhere so I’m happy about hopefully getting to read the next ones soon.

Thanks for still not dropping this :’>
Hope to read the next few chapters soon!

This is one of my favourite series (^_^) Thank you so much for all the releases!

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