Gold Rush 21


Gold Rush 21
Title: Gold Rush (ゴールドラッシュ21)
Creator: Fujiwara Kiyo (藤原規代)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

Due to some unusual circumstances, Yutaka, a popular university students, often called a miser, raised by his strong sister, is an acquaintance of Rika, the owner of a host club. And then he meets Ritsu, the number 1 host at that club, and Kirishima, a lawyer who’s also a customer who adores Ritsu…?!


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Comments (27)

waii! sounds promissing!! thank u for scanlating and the comments. all your work are worth the download! i have all your work saved in my comp. thank u soo very uber much. ^__^

Why is it only 1 volume? I want more. What a lovely story, and strong characters.
Thank you so much for scanlating it.

I really wish there was more of this series! The characters were so interesting, and I wanted to see if Ritsu and Rika-chan would get together :)
I love this kind of manga, so thanks for all your hard work!

EH?! No way! Was that the end already? Wish there was more development… In the end, what has the title ‘Gold Rush 21’ got to do with the plot? >_<!!

Yay!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!
I felt love for this manga for the first sight!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
The truth is that third chapter made me cry…really. 😥
I like Kirishima, he`s so funny but also really sad.
And this manga is full of real life.
It`s really worth reading… 😀

Ooooh, looks interesting :mrgreen: Will download this too 😀

Nice and poignant at times, I wish there were more gender bender shoujo with a dyke 😀

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