Ghost Only


Ghost Only
Title: Ghost Only – Yuurei Senyou Restaurant (ゴーストオンリー 幽霊専用 レストラン)
Creator: Shin Yui (慎 結)
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Ongoing/Hiatus
Genre: , , , ,

In a certain part of town, there is a very exclusive restaurant. So exclusive that only ghosts get to dine there! Yes, it’s a ghost-only restaurant where ghouls and goblins freely roam, drink and eat! Strange? Not until you meet the only waitress there, who happens to be a full-blooded human!



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Note: Only 12 chapters have been released in Japan so far. This series is considered tentatively Complete. What does that mean?

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Comments (138)

Thanks for taking the time to do this manga, its awesome! 😀 , but have there still been no further chapters released, if so that’s so sad :( as this manga has loads of potential .. anyway thankd

one of the cutest manga i read so far.,SHIN YUI-SAMA I LOVE YOUR MANGA XD

anyway thank you so much for taking your time to work on this manga and the other ones too… great JOB!!! 😀

The summary and preview were interesting lol…. Thanks Aerandria for your hard work~~ (.^____^.)


I really love to read mangas with this kind of story!!!

(sniff! sniff!) (~ ~)

I’m moved with the stories…, but…, somehow…, it makes me feel that dying is not that fearsome…, you know? hehehe, SHIN YUI-SAMA!!! I LOVE YAH!!! XD…,

THANK YOU TOO AERANDRIA!!! for bringing Ghost Only to US!!! ^-^

Thank you for working on this project and for all the other wonderful projects you do.

I adore this series! I really hope another chapter comes out soon! Lets go RenEma! 😀

This is the cuteset and engrossing manga ive ever seen ! Funny and very creepy! ( I love paranorel stuff) So I Just hope the author continues !!
Thank YOU!

i hope the author continues this series… it’s really very cute :)

One of my favorite Aerandria projects! Thanks for working on this!

Aww, I hope more is released!!

But, if not, then thank you SOOOO much for taking your time to do this *bows* thank you thank you!!!!! 😀

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