Ghost Only


Ghost Only
Title: Ghost Only – Yuurei Senyou Restaurant (ゴーストオンリー 幽霊専用 レストラン)
Creator: Shin Yui (慎 結)
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Ongoing/Hiatus
Genre: , , , ,

In a certain part of town, there is a very exclusive restaurant. So exclusive that only ghosts get to dine there! Yes, it’s a ghost-only restaurant where ghouls and goblins freely roam, drink and eat! Strange? Not until you meet the only waitress there, who happens to be a full-blooded human!



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Note: Only 12 chapters have been released in Japan so far. This series is considered tentatively Complete. What does that mean?

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If u need help cleaning, typesetting or editing I’ve done b4. Pop me a mail and ill do what I can. Love the scanz don’t stop!

it’s been 5 years!! >.< does this mean that it's ALREADY completed or dropped? :(
lol I just found out that there's a 2nd book x) I didn't thought it's a serial

\(>o<)/ギャーッ! I like this manga!

Ahhh still on hiatus… quite depressing. It’s such a great seriessss. Hope to see more once its finally off hiatus!

Yey! a new manga to read! Thank You for this release… Im’ma download the chapters and read all even thou it’s 4:38AM LOL X3 Sorry for being such a leech D:

im reading this now ill make my opinion after im finish it today

>.< Now I can't continue with the story. Oh well…

I really like this manga x,x too bad , it looks like its finished .. i really wanted more XD

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