Genius House


Genius House
Title: Genius House
Creator: Ogura Akane
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

“Private Shiratori Academy is a very prestigious school that strongly encourages its students to develop their own capabilities.” And the best students, four teen geniuses, live in the Meisen Dorm. But their sickly dorm manager is replaced by her granddaughter–a first-year high-school student. Kamiya Makota is dismayed by the boys’ imperious demands, and the jealousy of her classmates. Can Kamiya trust these brainy hooligans? And can she even trust herself to do the job?


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Thanks. Wish the story line was longer.

great story even if its not a lovey-dovey romance though…. i liked it ogura-sensei is the best…

omg, i like ogura akane-sensei so much, thanks aerandria!!love u a lot!!

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