Tatoe Konohana ga Sakanakutemo


Tatoe Konohana ga Sakanakutemo
Title: Tatoe Konohana ga Sakanakutemo (たとえこの花が咲かなくても)
Creator: Yasuko
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

If I’ll only end up hurting you, then I’d rather disappear. I don’t want to have this
mysterious power anymore… A collection of three sad love stories.


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None as of yet.

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I saw you page say that you need a translator for this manga, I don’t mind to help you for this manga as long as you are fine with me.

kindly email me if you don’t mind.

If my shaky Japanese serves me right, the title translates to “Even if this flower does not bloom…”

Is this bound to be a heartbreaker? In a manga-ish sense?


oh bittersweet story! *puppy eyes*

Wow O.O
The cover is soooo pretty !
This manga sounds good!
Can’t wait 😀

The cover page looks sad. ;;__;;

I want to read this once the first chapter is released! (hopefully this comment didn’t make me sound somewhat sadistic after my first sentence >_<;; )

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