Present wa Shinju


Title: Present wa Shinju (プレゼントは真珠)
English Title: Presents and Pearls
Creator: Saitou Ken (斎藤けん)
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Edward, the son of baron Lobel, is a spoiled “young master” who knows nothing of the real world and has his head in the clouds. The servants want him to learn how to handle women, so they find for him the perfect woman! She is called “Pearl” and is very cute, but she also has an amazing secret! Also features the one-shot “Yuki no kanon.”


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  • Volume 02 Chapter 005 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 02 Chapter 006 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 02 Chapter 007 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 02 Chapter 008 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 009 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 010 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 011 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 012 – Being Scanned

Comments (12)

like this! i see this one in the bookstore but sadly vol 1 and 2 already sold out everywhere. lukcy to find this.
read this 1st while waiting until they produce the book again here. T___T

Yay! More of a superfun series.

But what’s this? Young Master has… gasp… ‘treasures’?

Quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Good story, though I hope the drawing gets better throughout the chapters.

So funny! I don’t like the drawings But the story is

Hang in there Young Master!

Love this series already! Thanks!

That was a great first chapter. I think it would have been a good oneshot as it is but we’ll see where it’ll go from here. It’ll pretty hard to top this first chapter IMO but looking forward to more LMFAO moments with this manga as I did with the first chapter =)

lol poor kid. That was a pretty good read! Now I’m looking forward to reading the other stories too ^_^

This looks so cute! I am looking forward to it.

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