Off-time no Kemono


Title: Off-time no Kemono (オフタイムの獣)
English Title: Off-time Beast
Creator: Katsumoto Kasane (克本かさね)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Run as fast as you can, because he turns into a dangerous beast when he is off-duty!


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THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking up this manga!!!

love the works of this mangaka, you really made my day ^-^


Thank you and happy anniversary!


Yay for smut! lol And he turns into a beast hm? Sounds like my kinda story lol

Turn into a beast, literally…? We will see :-)

you make me so happy, hope you will pick up other work from the mangaka

Thanks for picking this up!! Hope you guys can consider doing other works by the same author?

Love the mangaka! Thanks for picking this one up!

+_+ ohh look another smutty manga!

Ohoho! Hot new titles indeed… (*_*);

Pffft. I should have known you’ll be the first here, clay XD

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