Babylonia no Shishi


Title: Babylonia no Shishi (バビロニアの獅子)
English Title: The Lion of Babylonia
Creator: Higuri You
Length: 4 Volumes
Status: Complete
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Sin and Leona are childhood friends – she has always been fascinated with the mysteries of the ancient Near East, and he has always been fascinated with her, to the point where he is ready to follow her thousands of years in the past, to the days of the Kingdom of Babylonia, where she has a very special part to play…


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  • Volume 03 Chapter 009 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 010 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 011 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 012 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 04 Chapter 013 – Being Sourced
  • Volume 04 Chapter 014 – Being Sourced
  • Volume 04 Chapter 015 – Being Sourced
  • Volume 04 Chapter 016 – Being Sourced

Comments (17)

Looks promising! I loved Red River, and this seems to be a fresh spin on the “travel back in time” genre. Thanks for great quality scanlations as always!

I enjoyed the first chapter! I think this will be an interesting series. Thank you for picking up another great manga, Aerandria :)

This is so cool:D

It reminds of Vampire Game and Queen of the Damned (I just understood the foreshadowing that was put into the name Ishtar. Enkidu totally reminds me of Enkil:) I just love when real historical facts are weaved into a story^^

Your awesome Lacaille!

Thank you so much aerandria!

Awesome!!! Just the type I like! And it feel kinda fresh for a travel- back- to- history manga XD

Oooo, this looks snazzy. And I rather like the art. Looking forward to it. ^///^

This manga sounds really interesting (though I admit, what attracted me to it in the first place was the title xD) Can’t wait for this one either~

Thank you so much for working on this project. I’ve been looking forward to read Japanese or English version ever since i saw Russian scanlations 😀

fantasy + historical + josei(/shoujo) = something with lots of potential and usually turning out REALLY awesome
3xYAY for you for picking it up!

Can’t wait for new higuri yuu manga (>_<)…! But I will wait.

Oooh, This sounds really interesting! I’m excited that you’ll be scanlating this!!!

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