Amatsu sora naru


Title: Amatsu sora naru (あまつそらなる)
Creator: Mori Hinoto (もりひのと)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

After years of life and education abroad, Chidori returns home on her parents’ demand and is immediately sucked back into the world of Japanese tradition, of tea-ceremony and kimonos, arranged marriages and prejudice. Will her meeting with the critical and also very traditional kimono merchant Tsumugi help her change her mind about her new life or harden her conviction she doesn’t belong there?


None as of yet.

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thank u a lot <3

I’d love that you pick up this project, I’m getting a like for Oyajism

Woot I’m really looking forward to this series, it’s just my cup of tea~ Good luck guys *o*

Yes! Yes! Yes! I support!!! OYAJISM 4 LYFE!

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