Furachi na Otoko Tachi


Furachi na Otoko Tachi
Title: Furachi na Otoko Tachi (フラチなオトコたち)
Creator: Toda Megumi (斗田 めぐみ)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Mari and younger Eiji work for the same company, and they are secretly in love. Mari feels happy with him, because he is gentle, dependent on her, and cute. When she visits him at home for the first time, she is shocked to know that he is a brother of her former boyfriend Yuichi…! In her college days, she couldn’t get along with Yuichi because he was too pushy. Therefore, she chose to part with him, but…


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Comments (35)

I felt like none of these chapters went together… maybe 1 and 2? Did I just miss something?

Oh wow, I’ve been looking for this for ages!
Really love Toda Megumi’s mangas ><
Thanks so so so much for this <3

In the first story…the plot says they’re already working. So technically speaking, they’re old right? Why are they just playing like young middle schoolers?! It doesn’t suit them!

Why are you making a big deal from smutty mangas?!?! It makes mangas cheap and downgrading? I’m not saying this because I like smutty mangas. To tell you, it actually adds spice instead of that crap you’re saying!The plot itself said they’re already working. What did you expect? They’ll play around like middle schoolers?! And you want to stop reading manga? GO! NOBODY IS STOPPING YOU, B****TCH.

i agree with Momo. I picked this story cuz i thought there was no smut. why must manga at least include 1 or 2 xyz scences? makes the manga look cheap and downgrading. I like mangas such as Full house kiss, host club…. maybe someday i’ll watch movies instead of reading mangas if there are still some kinds of things happening… got to purify myself…(_ _!)

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