Flying Bunny


Flying Bunny
Title: Flying Bunny
Creator: Fujitsuka Yuki
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

When Aida Minami was little, she fell in love with the long-distance runner Manabe Keiichi. He was in the club that her school teacher mother supervised. But all her hopes were dashed when Manabe confessed to her that he was in love with her mother! Worse yet, he promised to take care of both her mother and her! Talk about instant love defeat! But it seems that the worse is not over yet because after a few years, Minami finds out that Manabe is now a teacher at her high school and the supervisor of the track and field club in which she belongs! Will her heart have a chance this time?


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the art was good but i dont like the ending though:(

Love the art!

😛 this was so cute thanks for this adorable 1shot

Aw, it’s a very sweet oneshot! <3 Thanks for the hard work!

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