Eden no Hakoniwa


Title: Eden no Hakoniwa (エデンの箱庭)
English Title: Miniature Garden of Eden
Creator: Dite
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Roku is a young boy who lives a colorless and dull life in a world, destroyed by natural cataclysms and pandemics. But one day he meets a mysterious boy called Matsuri who makes him work with him in the florist’s. While trying to discover the secrets that seem to surround Matsuri, Roku’s soul starts to recover its vivid colors.


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  • Chapter 1 – Translated
  • Chapter 2 – Translated
  • Chapter 3 – Translated
  • Chapter 4 – Translated
  • Chapter 5 – Translated

Comments (3)

Thank you, translators! Is the manga available for reading in any manga reading sites? c:

Yay!!! Really looking forward to this!!! More shounen-ai please, Aerandria angels!!!!

can’t wait for this xD
~love shounen ai.. pls scans some more lol
a little bored with usual shoujo manga.. (but if the story is awesome, i dont’ mind hahahahaha)

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