Shibariya Komachi


Shibariya Komachi
Title: Shibariya Komachi
Creator:Takeuchi Mick
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , , , ,

Chiko is a high school student who can see other people’s red threads, or the thread that connects one person to his or her soulmate. She uses her ability as a musubi-ya to advice schoolmates on their lovelives, for a fee of course! But upon stumbling upon a hidden room at her school, she sees a mysterious looking white spool of thread that suddenly comes alive and traps her. The next thing she knew, her body has become like a ten-year old kid again and the only way to get back her body is to use the mysterious thread to expel evil spirits and become a real musubi-ya!


Was licensed by the now defunct Go Comi.


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Comments (38)

thank you!

can aerandria continue translate this manga please

Thank you for supplying us with the first four chapters, although I’m really sad you dropped it.But the decision has been made, so I’m not planning to whine about scanlating it again.
btw steffi , I don’t think anyone else is scanlating it, at least, on Manga updates it says that aerandria scans was the only group =)

anyways, thanks again, and happy holidays =) (yes I know the holidays are already over ^^)

whyy oh why was this dropped!! I understand it was licensed…but there are people like me who live in other countries where it’s almost impossible to find mangas!! come on I really enjoyed this one =(

Sorry, I meant CHAPTERS. Sorry, sorry, for the typo.

Waaa 😐 Just when it was getting so good :( I feel so sad that this project has been dropped. (And right smack on a cliffhanger) 😮

Is anyone else scanlating this?

Anyway, thank you for bringing us the first four volumes :) We really enjoyed it. (Huhu TT__TT so sad)

Transcendence have now done up to chapter 12, if you can’t buy it.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling and doing the first four chapters. You guys have so much good taste with all the other series you do I can’t hold it against you for dropping a series or two I like! :)

Also, it’s licensed by Go!Comi under the title ‘Bound Beauty’, and they definitely have the first three volumes out (you can even buy the three for $15 on their site!). The fourth and fifth should be out, but seem to be hard to hunt down! I hope they haven’t dropped it! :O

If what I Google Translated off the Author’s blog and publisher’s website are right, this series will be 8 volumes long, with the last volume having just been published in Japan.

Also, the author’s earlier manga (also licensed) Her Majesty’s Dog features Myoonji Nadeshiko of this series (if you’ve read later chapters), and I’d recommend it to those who enjoyed this one as it’s along the same themes.

Latest news (not that new, actually) is that Go Comi have stopped working on this (not their fault, they went bust :( ) so it looks like it will never be available in English officially! The good news for French Speakers is all 8 volumes have been licensed in French as ‘L’attache Coeurs’.

Transcendence scans list it as one of their projects as far as scanlation goes, but they manage around 1 or 2 chapters a year (last one scanlated was 17). It would be really really nice to see this series finished up, especially since it doesn’t look like it will be picked up by other publishers. :(

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