Shibariya Komachi


Shibariya Komachi
Title: Shibariya Komachi
Creator:Takeuchi Mick
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , , , ,

Chiko is a high school student who can see other people’s red threads, or the thread that connects one person to his or her soulmate. She uses her ability as a musubi-ya to advice schoolmates on their lovelives, for a fee of course! But upon stumbling upon a hidden room at her school, she sees a mysterious looking white spool of thread that suddenly comes alive and traps her. The next thing she knew, her body has become like a ten-year old kid again and the only way to get back her body is to use the mysterious thread to expel evil spirits and become a real musubi-ya!


Was licensed by the now defunct Go Comi.


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Comments (38)

i really like this manga im so sad you dropped it :sad: is anyone else condsidering scanlating this?

I’m a little depressed that you stopped scanlating but thanks for starting it and introducing me to this great series!

You dropped this on a cliffhanger >__< lol~

Thank you so so much. I am totally loving this manga. And I’m so glad you guys haven’t dropped it since it go licensed.


Yay! Thanks so much!

It’s very interesting! Thanks for translation

It’s cute! I love stories such as this, for it’s nice to have a spiritual side to the story. I can’t wait for chapter 3!

Thanx for the hard work!!!!

I love Takeuchi Mick and I am so glad you guys are working on this project. Thank you!

Love it! I am a big fan of Mick Takeuchi–I love the spiritual and religious tales of her manga. The art’s very nice as well.

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