Title: Reverb (γƒͺバーブ)
Creator: Mikimoto Haruhiko
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete

Joint with NCIS

(Chinese–>English) A collection of six short stories, each with it’s own supernatural girl.

1st Memory: Shijima – A fortune-teller who exists by sealing other people’s memories and living it as her own.
2nd Memory: Dismounting Midway – CS
3rd Memory: The Passing… – CS
4th Memory: Falling Sakura in Profusion – CS
5th Memory: Beside the Water – CS
6th Memory: Time’s Aftertaste – CS

Continued by NCIS alone.

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Oh, I’m really looking forward to reading this. Thank you!

It seems nice,I’ll try it.

Thank you, was waiting for it for a long time….=]

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