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Osuteki Daarin manga
Title: Osuteki Daarin (Lovely Darling) (お素敵ダーリン)
Creator: Fujisaki Mao
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Serika is your typical high school girl. She loves reading books, likes romance, and has the ability to knock a guy flat out with her fist. She imagines herself as one of those heroines she reads in books, a shining maiden waiting for her prince. But what happens to her dream when the prince she has been waiting for is not only younger than her, but also smaller? Will the princess accept the chibi prince?

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Note: This project is now continued by Midnight Scans.

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argh! is it really dropped? how sad. . while reading this – I was always anticipating for what would happen next. . & when I’m already at chapter 4, i wondered why the page was all credits from the beginning to the end. . :'(
that is why I checked out this site to know the reason behind. . :'(

huhuh. . :'( i really love this manga though. . i hope it is continued. .
i can’t wait for the next chapters. .
i want to know how their cute story goes & how it would end. .

how i wish you don’t drop this. . :'(
i hope the continuing chapters would really be released soon. . -can’t wait!! <3

Well… I really liked this series… It’s so cute that he is younger and smaller than her ^^’ And so perverted. Hope someone will release it soon.
Thanks you introduced it to me ^^

Looks like World of Creation disbanded as of January 02. It’s a real shame, since I really liked Oosuteki Daarin.

Well, World of Creation will be taking over this series… according to Lacaille

does anyone know if this was pickup by anyother scanners?? T.T this was my first manga i started reading at this site i was hoping to see it finished but….

❗ OMG! it is dropped!!!! WAH!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :sad:

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