Osuteki Daarin


Osuteki Daarin manga
Title: Osuteki Daarin (Lovely Darling) (お素敵ダーリン)
Creator: Fujisaki Mao
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Serika is your typical high school girl. She loves reading books, likes romance, and has the ability to knock a guy flat out with her fist. She imagines herself as one of those heroines she reads in books, a shining maiden waiting for her prince. But what happens to her dream when the prince she has been waiting for is not only younger than her, but also smaller? Will the princess accept the chibi prince?

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Note: This project is now continued by Midnight Scans.

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Huh?!?!?! Where does it mention that they are going to drop it?!
where and when was it announced?!


anyways.. i just read the first chap! it was sooo cute!

Please dont drop this!!! its such a cute story. -.-

thanks for the release been waiting for this…^_^


You’re dropping this!!!!!!!


Please don’t!!!!!!

Wah! Thank you for the release. You guys rock! Ah I hope the new scanlation group does just as good of a job as you guys. Thank you again <3

so sad that you are dropping this!!!! >_< i love this series… is there anyway that even if you all don’t translate it that you could still put updates? or at least give the link to the new site thats going to take over… thanks for all the hard work though!

thanks so much for translating this manga..but it’s a pity that you’re dropping it :sad:

Huh? Where and when did they say that they will drop this project? It looks nice and I’m about to download it. The comments and ratings say that this is a very nice manga with a great story line.

If ever aerandria’s gonna drop it… PLEASE DON’T!!!!

a new manga! cool i can’t wait to read it! thank you so much for the hard work

You’re dropping this?!?!

Please don’t! :sad:

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