Osuteki Daarin


Osuteki Daarin manga
Title: Osuteki Daarin (Lovely Darling) (お素敵ダーリン)
Creator: Fujisaki Mao
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Serika is your typical high school girl. She loves reading books, likes romance, and has the ability to knock a guy flat out with her fist. She imagines herself as one of those heroines she reads in books, a shining maiden waiting for her prince. But what happens to her dream when the prince she has been waiting for is not only younger than her, but also smaller? Will the princess accept the chibi prince?

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I really love this manga.

Please don’t drop it TT.TT

AGHH omg your dropping it


soo saddd

o wells…
great job as usuall!

i totally agree with what cotton candy said, you guys have the best mix of manga on any scanlation site. kinda like the GoComi publishers over here in the states. if you guys were established respectable manga publishers, you guys would by like GoComi with your manga selection.

Thank you very much for the hard work you put into this.
I love the artwork and yes the story line is 😳 GOOD
I cant wait till the rest if finished >,<

I really liked this manga ^^
I hope the next chapter will come soon.

:mrgreen: omg the story line is so kawaii!!! gah! omg u guys have the best manga series ive seen! thank u so much for uploading it =]

Cute! I love love love!!!!

Awwww, this series is very very cute and I can’t wait until the next chapter is released here! Who knew he was such a pervert! 😉

I REALLLLLLLY love this series….
whichs means i REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY want the next chapter….
but i guess i can be a good fan girl and wait…
but i still love you ppl and thank you very much!!!
*and is also scared of being banned if she doesn’t play nice*

I Want To Read the next….
Thank you….
I Like It So Much…
>.< :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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