Oneichan to Issho


Oneichan to Issho
Title: Oneichan to Issho (おねいちゃんといっしょ)
Creator: Minato Rin
Length: 5 Volumes
Status: Completed
Genre: , , , ,

My mama is in heaven, but…I have my sister!

Hinako is a high school students who has a lot of things that she wants to do, but for her cute little sister, she will become a mother!

Note: Dropped due to lack of interest.


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i have always wanted to have a baby sister. but upon reading this, i’m thankful that i do not have one! i have a brother though, he’s younger than me. he’s no longer little but until now, we’re still like cats and dogs when we fight xD

I like this manga but the child annoys me. Of course, it isn’t her fault but she’s too spoiled.

I have a six-year-old brother who’s 12 years younger than me and I’m his substitute mommy. ;D

So yeah, I can really identify this. It really demonstrates how irritating but loveable children are. And @Catfur: some children are just born with more energy and shorter attention spans. It’s nobody’s fault. You just have to do the best you can with the type of child you get.

Aaaargh! Minori bugs me D: Yes, the manga is cute, its got slice of life, its got some love between Takashi and Minoris big sister… But that KID! aaaargh! D:
Ok, so I don’t have any kid siblings, and the experience that I’ve got from small children are from a family that’s close to mine, they’ve got a daughter that’s eight years old that is a bit spoiled and can be a pain in the butt sometimes. So, 5 years ago she was the same age as Minori… though I did not see that much of her then, so I can’t really compare. I’ve only got the last few years, and they’re annoying enough – though they’re definitely up to par with Minori! Meh, annoyingness exceeds the lovingness for me.

though I’m not saying that people who like this are stupid, or that you should stop scanlating this – don’t! I bet a lot of people will be sad if you do, so please keep on working hard! 😉

hmm doesn’t like it :S I have a daughter myself and even though I am a mother, Minori’s behaviour annoys me. But it is unfair to blame her -.-‘ it’s the parent’s/sustitute-parent’s fault…geez

Anyway, the story has a good plot and the art is ok.

just my personal opinion

so so so adorable. I also love Takashi, what a trooper.

I just started reading this today. I absolutely love it! Does anyone know how the title is spelled in chinese?

Ah, Takashi is so great, such a catch. Fight on! XD
This manga is very cute, thank you for you hard work ^^.

yeah, this story is so touching :( i hope there will be soon new releases 😀

This manga is so cute…..even thought I think Minori needs a good spanking.

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