Title: Momoyama-kyoudai (桃山キョーダイ)
English Title: The Momoyama Twins
Creator: Fujitsuka Yuki (ふじつか雪)
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: ,

Arima and his little sister Chihiro are the twins of the Momoyama family. Six years ago, they’ve overheard their parents say “We will tell them the truth when they turn 16.” The two worried that they might be adopted during those six years, but the truth they learn on their 16th birthday is even more shocking! Also includes an award-winning one-shot.

Status: Dropped due to lack of available staff.


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Hi, I really liked the Manga ‘Momoya Kyoudai’ and what you’ve done with it so far. I am willing to translate the last volume if you could mail me the Japanese Raws.
I’d be glad to help.
:) ruby

PLEASE DONT DROPPP :( this is too cute…plzzz >.<
ill train to be a editor or translator….but im only 13 xD and korean so i dont think ill be much help

OMGGGG PLEASE DON’T DROP THIS ): i love this and it says the series is completed (20 chapters) PLEASEEE

Love this manga and actually almost all of Fujitsuka-sensei work..
Please don’t drop this.. :(

way too cutte. So sad it’s being dropped.

Oh, this manga is so good! At least, will you take this manga once again in the future? I hope so. Because the characters are cute, and the plot is fantastic – I just love it~!
Good luck and… Merry Christmas? 😛

pleaaaaasssseee dont drop this!!!
im begging you.

Please dont drop this project.
I love it…

Please dont drop this project……. ><
im willing to be trained as typesetter or even editor, this manga is TOO CUTE……………….. :(((

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