The Baby Merchant’s Story


The Baby Merchant’s Story
Title: The Baby Merchant’s Story
Other Name: Once Upon A Time…
Creator: Lee Jung Mee, Lee Jung Ah
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , , ,

In need of a child? This man can give you a seed that you’ll need to nurture to produce your dream child. But you have guide it and take care of it carefully or it can go back to being a seed…

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  • The Baby Merchant’s Story Volume 01 Chapter 00 – Released
  • The Baby Merchant’s Story Volume 01 Chapter 01 – Released
  • The Baby Merchant’s Story Volume 01 Chapter 02 – Released


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Licensed by Udon as ‘Chronicles of the Grim Peddler.’

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I’m curious; are you guys thinking about picking this up again? Since Udon no longer has the license to the second volume and all… Or has it been too long and interest totally waned?

If we could get our hands on the volumes (or someone donates them ^_^”) we’d probably do it… I love tales like this!

I was wondering what is the cat’s name? 😕

it looks cool but ive never read it i hope you guys keep working on it

Ahhh I love this series *A*

I’m wondering if you guys have all of the raws (in Korean) for this. I wouldn’t mind helping out a little with simple translations temporarily for this project if I could have them…

Um, anyways, thank you!

Sounds good. Even though it has already been licensed, I will try a chapter out and see if i like it or not to buy the manga in May. Thanks for your hard work on this, and many other scanlations! :mrgreen:

Sounds interesting…….. 😀

😯 My, it looks gorgeous! Can´t wait for the next update! Do your best!

Looks very promising… Thanks a lot for picking it up! I hope we’ll see more chapters soon! :mrgreen:

wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

nice! you guys are fast. keep up the good work.

nice story line, looking forward to more!

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