Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro


Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro Manga

Title: Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro
Creator: Yuusei Matsui
Length: 16 volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , ,

The Demon Neuro has a raging hunger for enigmas. Being dissatisfied with his current regime in hell, he come into the mortal realm in order to satiate his ever-growing appetite. The murder case of a young girl’s father seems to be sufficiently enticing for the Demon’s needs.. But what else might happen between these two? Find out in this disturbingly good murder-mystery series.

Joint with Gaku Gaku Animal Land and Ecchi Troopers

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Volume 01 done by Ecchi Troopers

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I wish I could change my vote…this is definitely the manga I like the most out of all your projects! Thanks for doing this, you’re amazing!

Wow. The pics look scary and its making me want to read more

Oh, thank you thank you so much for Neuro. I have been eagerly awaiting the missing chapter in volume 2 before I continue reading the rest of the volumes of the manga. Keep up the great work. I look forward to volume 6.


jldfjasdaljdsals thank yooooou~!

ILU but really, thank you for taking the time for chapter 16! 😀

Thank you guys.

Much love for all that you do.

Have a good day everyone 😉

tq guys! just started reading the series. this is awesome

ohhh only one more chapter to go… I WANT IT so badly!
There have to be colour pages…
It’s the opening chapter of vol. 3!!!

😀 thank you so much for doing these chapters!

i would like to request that u guys please do chapters 44-48 because the chapters in question are the only chapter up to 72 not to have been done

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