Dragon’s Heaven


Dragon's Heaven
Title: Dragon’s Heaven
Creators: Fukami Makoto & Kasahara Yuuki
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Discontinued
Genre: ,

Lately in Shibuya, many high school girls have gone missing but that doesn’t stop Yaida Kirin our guitar slinging, Tae Kwon Do wielding High School Ardor of Justice from venturing into the night to save the poor souls in need of help. It’s a simple life for our heroine but little does she know that a mysterious group of people have joined her bid for justice. Then there’s Reido Serujio. What connection does he have with the mysterious group? What is he hiding beneath that weak, timid exterior of his? And why he won’t stop following Kirin-san!? Is it love like Yuki, Kirin’s friend, says?

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Discontinued by manga author.

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This is a really good manga.. hopefully it will be continued.. 😀

u should still do it..

Wooow…. I was actually the first person to download ch 2!!! That’s soooo exciting, lol. I actually hadn’t read this before and was going through it and then I was like *whoa, new release?!* ^^;;

thanks for this new project!!

yay for the new project

this manga very cute.

This project is amazing~ Action, comedy and memorable characters. Kirin & Serujio are one dynamic duo! 😀

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