Asa Made Motto


Asa Made Motto manga
Title: Asa Made Motto (恋人们的早餐)
Creator: Yumachi Shin
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

“Let’s be lovers when we are grown up”,… It was a promise between Mitsuru, a boy next door, and me. One day, Mitsuru transfers to my high school! He has a twin brother, Ryo. But then Ryo kisses me unexpectedly…?!

Joint with Shoujo Manga Maniac

Note: Dropped due to lack of interest. Continued by Shoujo Manga Maniac.


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this manga was soo good eventhough theres only 2 chapters of it
its a shame you guys dropped it 😥
but thank you for translating and releasing the chapters you did 😆

Awe! That’s depressing! It’s too bad that you guys decided to drop the project, it’s really good! 😮

wooow!! It was strange at the first time!! :) But i fall in love with ryo!! awww!! the perfect boy..well just a good boy jajaja 😀

It’s a shame you guys dropped this. It’s good and SMM’s site is just too darn complicated. I really enjoyed the first two chapters atleast.

:mrgreen: it works now YAY!!!! 😆 wow i suck at working computers 😳 😉

i need more!! sigh~

Waaaah? This got dropped? Nuuu! 😥

But thank you SMM for continuing it!

YAY! 😛 you already got chapter 2! thanx. ive been looking for it.

pls complete it.

i’m looking forward to it.♥

oh, the page error has been corrected 😮 thank you so much

this is one of my new favorite series… too bad it had to be dropped but at least someone else picked it up! and thank you for correcting the page error… i was a little confused when I first read it… haha 😆

Happy Holidays!

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