Asa Made Motto


Asa Made Motto manga
Title: Asa Made Motto (恋人们的早餐)
Creator: Yumachi Shin
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

“Let’s be lovers when we are grown up”,… It was a promise between Mitsuru, a boy next door, and me. One day, Mitsuru transfers to my high school! He has a twin brother, Ryo. But then Ryo kisses me unexpectedly…?!

Joint with Shoujo Manga Maniac

Note: Dropped due to lack of interest. Continued by Shoujo Manga Maniac.


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thanks for scanlating this!!

im gonna try it out! ^__^

yay! i can`t wait for more! thx for releases,

pomg it’s so cold in my place right now! how’s yours?

:mrgreen: woohoo. i’m still a fan!

thanks so much for your hard work and this new release!! Good luck for your exams!!

Thanks for all your and everyone’s hard work on all the releases that you do. I don’t think I can thank you enough, and I think that speaks for everyone here.

Big thankies for releasing this cute manga, although this is the last chapter from you guys, i just want to say thanks for your hard work! ^^v

OMG, can’t wait. How there are more soon. This one is the best!:D

I love this manga , is so good!!!!

Ahhhh!! I can’t wait! This is most defiantly one of my favorites! :mrgreen:

I can’t wait to read more.. Haha :mrgreen: Thank you for scanlating!

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