A Princess and a Bum


A Princess and a Bum
Title: A Princess and a Bum
Creator: Kim Hee Kyoung
Length: 5 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Who am I? I’m Gi-ryum, a tall, handsome bachelor, and the coolest guy in the country who even makes Oâ–³ sama (Reference to “Yon-sama”: Bae, Yon-Jun from Winter Sonata) cry at my beauty. One day, I received classified info of the princess enrolling in a regular high school. Can I snag the princess with my irresistible beauty?! I will be the king’s new son-in-law!

Joint with Esthetique.

Continued by Esthetique.

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Really hope you pick this up again! I really love it and want to know what happens next!

Ahh really hoped this wouldn’t get dropped, but thank you for the releases that you did get out!!

Please please please pick this manga up again!!! I really love it and want to continue it!! Or, if you could, could you send it to another place that does scans, please please please!

I love this manga! I hope u guys come out with another CH soon!

Um, for those who download this with no idea why reading it Japanese-style is getting you nowhere, it’s cuz this one’s in English-style (left-to-right)

To clarify (if you didn’t know), it’s not Japanese styled because it’s not a Japanese manga. It’s a Korean manhwa, so it’s read left to right.

Anyways thanks Aerandria for bring us all these wonderful projects! :) Love ’em. ^^

Thank you for the releasing ….keep going like that XD.I like this manga so much is very funny ^_^ ty again for ty releasing and also for releasing Shounen Dolls …we (the readers)are very lucky for having a scan group…..Good luck with the rest of the projects guys!!

This manga is really funny! Keep up with the hard work!

Thank you for your hard work! I love this cute serie so much >< Don't drop it please^^

I really loved this! Thnx for the hard work. I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for the release, i thought this project has been dropped ! I’m so glad to read another chapter ! :)

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