Dr. Rabbit


Dr. Rabbit
Title: Dr. Rabbit (Dr.ラビット)
Creator: Ogura Akane
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Saeki Fumio is a genius who earned a PhD at the age of fourteen. When she goes back to Japan to announce her invention, a bunny robot endowed with artificial intelligence called Alice, it turns out that someone is trying to steal Alice. With the help of Hikaru, a personal bodyguard that she hired, will Fumio be able to keep Alice safe and sound?


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Comments (15)

Thanks for the oneshot. LOL….flying kicking rabbit!

Heartwarming =)

Thanks, that was cute~ Alice is so adorable, I wanna have one too~ :mrgreen:

I love Ogaru Sensei work! >u<
Thanks so much!

sound good i can wait to read it!

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