Dokusen Happiness


Dokusen Happiness
Title: Dokusen Happiness
Creator: Ozaki Ira
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

All Sonoko wants for Christmas is to spend it with her boyfriend. However, it seems that he can’t spare her a few minutes on Christmas, as she’s not his top priority. To make things worse, she’s starting to feel more and more drawn to Takatsuki, a classmate who once confessed his feelings to her…


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Comments (8)

Thanks for this one shot. Awww…the guy is so cute. 😀

really cute!
thanks a lot!

That was adorable. ^^
Thanks guys!

Thanks for this one. It was a sweet story, but a little sad.

Have a nosebleed~ :mrgreen:

Thanks for this oneshot!

Thank you! I loved it. So cute.

nice oneshot!
thank you so much <3

Somewhat bittersweet. Good though. Thanks a bunch!

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