Dogi Magi


Dogi Magi
Title: Dogi Magi!
Creator: Oooka Saori
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

One day, while Yamato is daydreaming and looking at the clouds, a girl comes flying down from the sky! It turns out that she’s looking for her pet, Sanpei, and being the gallant guy that he is, Yamato decides to help this cute but somewhat queer girl. The only thing bothering him is, what kind of pet is Sanpei?


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Comments (28)

Awwwww so cute <33333 i love this oneshot the story is rlly good =)

well i thought it was good but i wish it was a full manga not a one shot THANKS FOR THE RELEASE

this is such a cute manga!

Aw, that was a great oneshot The characters were cute and Sanpei’s real “identity” was a surprise lol

Thank you so much! It was super freaking cute ^^;;

thank you so much for this release, it was super cute! Loved it.

was good *thumbs up *

cute oneshot, I liked it ;3

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