Daydream World


Daydream World
Title: Daydream World
Creator: Yasuko
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Kubo is a girl who lives in her own little daydream world, where people are destined to be together, and Ferris Wheels exist for couples bound by eternal love. That world is turned upside down when the boy she likes starts working with her at her part-time job. Is it time for Kubo to wake up from her daydreams and face reality?


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Comments (16)

thanks so much for scanlating this lovely one shot! <3

Going to take~ Thanks for the scanalations + translations ^^

oh, and thanks for all your guys’s hard work!!

aww this one was cute, yeah! :]
and yep very easy to relate to :))

So easy to relate to.
Wonderful story.

this one is cute. i like guys just like the boy in this story! a happy go lucky carefree guy who always smiles hehehe… once again thanks aerandria :)

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