Daishoya Saei


Daisho Yasanaga
Title: Daishoya Saei (だいしょやさえい)
Creator: Yamashita Tomomi
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: ,

The story is set during the Bunka-Bunsei era. Saei is a well-known scribe that can counterfeit paintings. Why does he also have this mysterious skill to murder people with his brush?!


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  • Volume 01 Chapter 001 – Being Edited
  • Volume 01 Chapter 002 – Being PRed
  • Volume 01 Chapter 003 – Being PRed
  • Volume 01 Chapter 004 – In Translation

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I agree with Lirin (* ^ *)/)

I’m seconding every single comment here before mine. Thank you very much guys for deciding on an amazing manga once again!

How do you do this? I mean… You have an uncanny talent for finding amazing manga………….. It’s perplexing… I bow to you, Aerandria people *bows low*…

Murder? Painting? Bishies? I’m sold. ;D

I love historical/fantasy and etc.. . The bishies. . .Woooaaahhh the bishies. .. LOL I know the art looks smexy! Especially when the lead guy is hot and mysterious.

aww looks great! I can’t wait…It seems that I have been saying that quite alot 😉

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