Yumemiru Koto


Title: Yumemiru Koto (夢見る古都)
English Title: Romance of an Ancient Dreaming City
Creator: Hoshino Lily (星野リリィ)
Length: One volume
Status: Hiatus
Genre: , , ,

Princess Olga has been putting off her marriage for a long time by setting her suitors to impossible tasks and requiring rare gifts. What she loves most of all are magic objects and one day she discovers a bracelet which allows her to slip into a different world. That world seems to be very different from hers, but it turns out she had more in common with the bronze-skinned princess Abed than she originally thought.


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*This series is on hiatus. Last release from Japan was on 2006.


Comments (21)

Thank you so much for this manga! Can’t wait for the rest of it!

Very interesting plot 😀 I’m enjoying it! Thanks for the hard work!

Looking forward to this one the most out of all your releases. I think. :]

I bought this manga on my vacation in Japan in 2008. (-_-; but I can really read Japanese.
So thank you for translating it!

OMG! I’m really loving this manga! Superb drawing & super awesome bishie!
The story is really fascinating & this becomes an instant favourite.
I wish the mangaka can draw a longer chapter for each of the chapter. Can’t get enough of it!

Thank you very much for picking up this manga & I can’t wait to read the next chapter!

Thank you for this release and so far the story is very promising….! Yay!

Thanks for chapter 1-3, I look forward to each new chapter even if the chapters are short. The art is really beautiful and the story is interesting even if I’m never sure just what is going on.

Thank you!!!! :’D
PS: I’m agree with you: it’s so short!! XD

Comawo! Arigatoou! Gracias! Merci! Thank you!!! :)

Looks interesting! Will read it :3
Thank You for scanlating this manga!

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