Yumemiru Koto


Title: Yumemiru Koto (夢見る古都)
English Title: Romance of an Ancient Dreaming City
Creator: Hoshino Lily (星野リリィ)
Length: One volume
Status: Hiatus
Genre: , , ,

Princess Olga has been putting off her marriage for a long time by setting her suitors to impossible tasks and requiring rare gifts. What she loves most of all are magic objects and one day she discovers a bracelet which allows her to slip into a different world. That world seems to be very different from hers, but it turns out she had more in common with the bronze-skinned princess Abed than she originally thought.


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*This series is on hiatus. Last release from Japan was on 2006.


Comments (21)

Short chapters, but I really like it!

wow… fantasy and romance <3 thanks so much for picking this up!!

Lily Hoshino? I’m in!

Interesting! Especially because this mangaka usually wrote yaoi so I’m kinda curious

Thanks , I love it

Oh wow. I was totally enthralled with this piece. Can’t wait till the next chapter! Thanks so much for picking this up!

Looks pretty good!

This is such a beautiful manga. Thank you for working on it! I’m excited to be able to read it.

I must say I’m intrigued. Looks like a good read.

looks interesting!!!!!

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