Xue Lian


Title: Xue Lian – A Legend Concerning Nian (雪恋)
Creator: Yan Xi (月光熊)
Length: 4 Volumes
Status: Ongoing
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Legend has it that on the last day of every year, demons and evil creatures would create havoc. People named this as “Nian”. On one snowing day of this day, a pretty young man with long silky hair picked up an abandoned baby and named her as “Xue”.

15 years later, Xue has grown up to be a young lady. One day, a young man appeared and told Xue with a gentle voice that could melt the coldest ice, “I’ve been searching for you.. for so long..”


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Chapter 1-3 released by Nevermore Scans (under the title: Snow Love)

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Thanks for the project of this manga, it’s very cute ♥ I want more Xue Lian *—* Staff fighting \o/

thanx for all those who are scanlating a cute manga like this! >_<

Thanks for another series, Aerandria!

it’s a nice light-hearted read. cute drawings and bishies keep coming. I just wish the author could make Xue a little more mature.

Thanks for this serie!

Thank you so much for working on this. It’s seems like a beautiful story.

Oh this sounds so sweet! And the art is beautiful!

Thanks for working on this serie!!!

This sounds so cute! Can’t wait! Thanks so much for all your amazing work! ^.^

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