Title: Tamashizume (魂シズメ)
Creator: Ogasawara Uki
Length: 2 Volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

When she merges her soul with that man, she will become the Goddess of War!

Itsukushima Hinata is a cool high school girl who lives a normal life, but one day, all of a sudden, her life became not so normal anymore. The strange man that suddenly appeared insulted her best friend and enraged her. He’s a mysterious man who has a costume like that of someone who just woke up from a sleep from the ancient times. While Hinata is still confused, that man hugs her out of the blue! And then, she transforms…?!


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hmm it is too short for a 2 volume of this manga and it would be better if it’s a long volume yet this is really interesting

I found this through a website, at first can’t believe that the scanlation is done by you guys, there’s no lovey dovey and all that “signature” aerandria thing at all… well, there’s a first for everything. great job. keep up the good work. wish I could help out, but there’s only 24 hours built into a day…

Thanks for the release I always look forward to this one.

Thank you for the release!!

OMG i love this manga. Plz scan more =]

Thank you very much! Very excited to see the new releases – and very, very grateful for all of your hard work!!

Thank you very mach! Very intriguing story

Thank you! I love the art and plot of Tamashizume!

Thanks for all your hard work for so many years^^

Thank you for the gift of bishies. :)

Also, I must say- everytime I see the little penguins, I always make my mouse run up and down the column while saying “DANCE, penguin, DANCE!”. Most awesome thing to do while waiting for the download.

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