Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru!


Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru!
Title: Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! (新約オオカミが来る!)
Creator: Nanto Hanamaru
Length: 7 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

This series is the continuation of Ookami ga Kuru! In order to investigate the strange phenomenon occurring in Northern Bayern, Germany, the church (KIRCHE) have dispatched the slayer Sirius. He rescues a young woman, Beate, who was being attacked by zombies. However, as the two attempt to leave, they’re attacked by more zombies.



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I love this series.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the uploads!!! I love this series! I hope you guys continue your hard work!

Increasingly is getting interesting, I look forward to the next folder, muechas thanks for the work you do.

De antemano muchas gracias nuevamente. >.<

O heavens, it’s getting interesting again thanks for the excellent work

Nuevamente Agradesco mucho, Gracias >u<

Thank you for the new chapter. If I’m not mistaken, the last SOgK chapter will be released in COMIC REX in April.

Yay! Thank you!!

But really, I have to know, what’s the difference between this and Ookami ga Kuru? They are the same… It’s really confusing. (I’m just going to assume that this started at the begining.)

Oh wait, I see. Sorry. ^_^

I still love it! Personally, I like the lack of romance. It can be so tiresome. Dying to read the next one!

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thank you so much for the uploads. This story is very interesting and i hope you can keep working hard.

P.S i hope this turns into more of a romance soon >w<

The history is so wonderful, thank you for the work you do

Desde el fondo de mi corazón Gracias >u<

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