Phoenix Flames


Title: Yan Huang – Xiao Yuan Mi Yin (焰凰~校园秘印~)
English Title: Phoenix Flames: Campus Secret Seal
Creator: Wu Rou Xuan (吴柔宣)
Length: 5 Volumes
Status: Ongoing

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Mu Qian Ran, a sixteen year old girl, who had always set her heart onto studying the art of Chinese medicine, is excited as she has been accepted into her first choice of college, Yan Huang Advance technical school! At the same time, due to a mysterious portrait of a girl that no one could tell when was it drawn, Qian Ran was able to see illusions of fire. She ignored the incident, but this would start the unraveling of a great secret.


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  • Yan Huang Volume 03 Chapter 009 – Being Scanned
  • Yan Huang Volume 03 Chapter 010 – Being Scanned
  • Yan Huang Volume 03 Chapter 011 – Being Scanned
  • Yan Huang Volume 03 Chapter 012 – Being Scanned

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Did you guys drop this series?

Hello! I belong to a fansub in spanish called Loto Fansub and i’m writing to you to ask if you could allow us to use your scans for
(Phoenix Flames)
thank you for your time.

If you need help on any manga or something
Just answer.
I just speak a little Japanese do.

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