Oyome ni Ikenai!


Title: Oyome ni Ikenai! (お嫁にいけない!)
English Title: I can’t be a bride!
Creator: Fujiwara Kiyo (藤原規代)
Length: 5 volumes
Status: Complete
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She dreams what any normal woman dreams: Find a good man and get married. There’s only one hitch. She has absolutely zero talent in being a housewife! Determined to overcome this problem, she enrolls in classes to learn. The only problem is her teacher turns out to be a man and a younger one at that!


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I really really want to help out with editing … but I have no idea how I could help out .. please email me as soon as possible because I really want to help out with editing (:

Great! It’s been a year, I thought this was dropped. THanks a lot to the team who worked on this :)
Hoping to get the next chapter soon. (not another 1 yr pls =((()

This manga’s story is so good! Thank you so much for scanlating and I really appreciate the hard work yoy guys put into it. Odagiri quickly get together with Yuki!

Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this <3

thanks for brought this series ><)/
hope you'll not drop this one 0w0)/

Love this! and good work so far.
Is this actually being continued?
1yr since last chapter

great job translating this! Hope to see more! Keep up the good work!

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