Mishounen Produce


Title: Mishounen Produce (未少年プロデュース)
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru (一ノ瀬かおる)
Length: 4 Volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Kousei is one of the popular boys in their school and he seems to always be swarmed with girls falling over themselves trying to impress him. The girls are captivated by his looks and irresistible charm. Little did they know that his charming self is only a facade concocted together with his childhood friend, Kaako. She ‘produced’ him to become the coolest guy in school to hide their true selves, of them being a couple of country bumpkins! But now that they are nearing their goal of school domination, why is Kaako suddenly feeling bothered that Kousei is so popular with girls professing their love for him?


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One of my favourites, currently… they HAVE TO live happily ever after… puhleeeeze…

Thanks for bringing this work to us… :)

Thank you again! Im so exciting about the new chapter!~

Thank you for scanlating! <3

This series is becoming more and more interesting….Thank you for a new release. :)

Thank you so much for all your work on this manga! Definitely one of my favorites! You all are amazing! So much love! Thanks. =)


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaay… <3 :) Thank you.

THANK YOU!!! You guys’ works is soooo great!

Thank you so much for translating this manga! Continue with the hard work and you people are the best! <3

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