Matsuru Kami


Matsuru Kami
Title: Matsuru Kami (まつるかみ)
Creator: Gunjou (群青)
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Complete
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Kiichi and Kanoko are brother and sister who have just lost their parents. They move to the deep countryside, to the home of their relatives the Toba family. And who is Toba-sama? A hearth-deity who has been watching over the Toba house for 150 years. He uses abusive language and is very ill-disposed, but he’s a softie at heart and has a strong protective side. And this deity names Kiichi for his successor! The life of the two siblings is about to change at 180 degrees! A countryside-life fantasy that will fill your hearts with emotion!


  • Volume 2 Chapter 05 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 2 Chapter 06 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 2 Chapter 07 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 2 Chapter 08 – Being Scanned

Comments (4)

I don’t love the art, but *adore* this – I found it with the 3rd release chapter, and I am now checking hopefully to see if there is more >.>

Reminds me of Kamisama Hajimemashita!

wow so cool the plot! and yes the guy in the cover looks like tomoe hehe but that is just amazing!

Ditto! The cover art especially.

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