Kaizoku to Ningyo


Kaizoku to Ningyo
Title: Kaizoku to Ningyo (海賊と人魚)
Creator: Kiuchi Tatsuya (木内 たつや)
Length: 6 volumes
Status: Hiatus

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During the time when the world is full of barren lands and big ships sail out to the vast oceans, a very rare type of sub-human–mermaid–was born. Normally, they have white hair, but only in water does the color change. Among the aristocrats, they are traded for large sums of money. Hisui is a merman with scarlet hair, and he’s kept by a lord. However, as he’s stolen away by the pirate Ikuta and gains freedom, they start their journey together!


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  • Volume 05 Chapter 017 – Translated
  • Volume 05 Chapter 018 – Translated
  • Volume 05 Chapter 019 – Translated
  • Volume 06 Chapter 020 – Translated
  • Volume 06 Chapter 021 – Translated
  • Volume 06 Chapter 022 – Translated

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Thank you. It’s a little interesting.

THANK. YOU. 😀 This is my favourite project of your guys’! <3

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I read chapters one and two, and I was slightly very hooked 😀 So glad I found your site!! Oh wondrous escalation people!! please bring forth more wonderfulness!! And thank you so much for uploading this, you guys are wonderful!!!!!!!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
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this is SOOOOOOOOOO good thanks for the updates!

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It always bugs me how there are so many suggestive scenes but nothing concrete D:
Still really cute regardless, though. Thanks for the hard work!

bless your buttons 8___8 <3 I love this series!

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