Title: Dokuhime (毒姫)
Creator: Mihara Mitsukazu
Length: 5 volumes
Status: Completed
Genre: , , ,

It starts with poisonous herbs under the cradle. Then under the sheets. And inside the clothes. Even mixed in the milk that they feed the newborn. This way the child gradually gets used to poisons and becomes the perfect assassination tool – the “Poison Princess” whose every kiss, tear and even touch bring death. Her only chance of survival is to fulfill her duty as an assassin and find a way to live on in the enemy land she is sent to… if her heart is strong enough.


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*waves “KAIT” flag*

Hooray Aerandria for more Kait… er, more Dokuhime!

Whoa. That chapter [23]. Just. Whoa… O-O

Awesome work, thank you! This is my current favorite manga!

Finally… the chapter with Mao… I’m so much in Mao’s fan club. Thanks for the release!

Team KAIT! YAY!!

Damn squishable Kait with that deadly line in chapter 22! Soo Hnggg~~~~!
I demand more Kait! X3 X3

Thank you team Aerandria you guys never fail to impress!

Thank you sooo much!!! it definitely made my day!! XD Always support Kait! ;D


Thanks AE!

Awesome chapter, I read the raws around November, and I totally figured something else now it’s more exciting to know what really happened.

By the way is there a vol 5? or did the mangaka put the series in hiatus?

thank youuuuuu for the new chappie!!

Oooohh!! NEW CHAPTER!!! XD (you know, I checked for this manga update so often that I feel like an obsessed stalker 😛 )Thank you sooo much for your hard work! Happy new year to you all 😀

another new chapter! YAY!!!! thank you AE staff!! <3

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