Chikutaku Bonbon


Title: Chikutaku Bonbon (ちくたくぼんぼん)
Creator: Katsuta Bun
Length: 3 Volumes
Status: Completed
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Taking her grandfather’s advice, Iwa, who is in Tokyo for work, strives to do good deeds wherever she goes. Whether it be rescuing an injured bat on the sidewalk or helping out a sickly young man, the city is turning out to be a very interesting place.


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First chapter released by Perpetual Motion

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I adore Sango. Now others can adore him too, thanks~

thank you so much for working on this story. its just so cute and sad … i love it! once again thank you for your hard work!

Thank-you so much for this latest release. I really enjoyed reading this chapter and look forward to the next. Once again, thank-you for your dedication and effort in making this story accessible to us. I am sorry I don’t have any skills to offer in this regard…

thankss for your hard work!! very beautiful story!!!

This is such a charming story. I am really looking forward to reading forthcoming chapters. Thank-you so much for working on this project – really grateful for your time and effort. :-)

I think this is your most interesting project so far, you truly outdid yourselves!
Please keep on scanning it: I’m in love!<3
Thanks so much!

Thank you for the release! This is a very interesting story, and the art is nice too!

Thanks so much for picking this series up! I fell in love with the first chapter and was sad when I realized that the other scanlation group was no longer active. You should’ve seen how happy I was when I saw that the second chapter had been added to Mangafox!

Thank you for translating this delightful (the most appropriate word for it) manga. I want to read more 😉

PS Am I very nerdy for googling that Sango means “coral” and Iwa means “rock” in japanese? lol

Thanks for picking this up. It’s been a over a year since perpetual manga ‘died’.

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